Franco Kraiselburd

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Franco is a 3rd-year Biomedical Engineering student at Case Western Reserve University. After 3 years working in the University of São Paulo (Brazil), Franco proceeded to move to Cleveland, OH, to work in the Regenerative Medicine field. A scientist and entrepreneur, Franco is constantly trying to connect ideas and reality. His wound care innovations are internationally recognized, being awarded a Gold Medal at the 2019 GENIUS Olympiad.


Santiago Kraiselburd, PhD

President & Co-Founder

Santiago is the Vice Rector of Research of Tecnologico de Monterrey, in Mexico. A long-time professor, consultant, and startup executive, Santiago got his Doctorate in Business Administration from Harvard University after an MBA at the University of Southern California. He quickly became interested in MedTech, having started 3 companies in the medical field and working as a Senior Consultant at McKinsey and Company.


Miguel Fuentes Chandia, PhD

 Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder

A seasoned scientist, Miguel has worked with Biomaterials in the Regenerative Medicine field for over 20 years. With several international wound care patents (including one currently undergoing clinical trials), Miguel's creativity is unmatched. An Associate Researcher at the Skeletal Research Center along Arnold Caplan and Franco Kraiselburd (our CEO), Miguel took on the role of Chief Scientific Officer to help lead our research efforts to success.


Daniel Katzman, MS

Chairman & Co-Founder

A former Venture Capitalist and Serial Biotech Entrepreneur, Daniel has a proven framework for success in guiding the business behind biotech entrepreneurs. Having led over 4 Biotech startups to different exits (including an IPO), Daniel now sits as the Chairman of Asclepii's Board. He serves as one of our biggest inspirations, mentors, and leaders.


PBW Biologica

Leading our Regulatory side

PBW BioLOGICA designs, develops, and brings to market innovative products for clients in the medical, biotech and agrochemical industries. They have extensive experience with medical, in vitro cytology and agrobiotechnology. Our team has supported clients through product design and development, manufacturing design (including cGMP considerations), regulatory strategy, and contract manufacturing selection and oversight.